Join the Handwarming Heroes Circle Today!

Your monthly donation is a win-win-win!

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Your monthly donation is a win-win-win!

Handwarming Heroes Make a Big Difference in the Warmth of Detroiters!

Thank you for joining the Handwarming Heroes Circle, Mittens for Detroit's subscription (monthly) donor club. Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated!

As a member of the Handwarming Heroes Circle, you will be doing more than just donating to a nonprofit as a one-time experience. You will become part of our team - your monthly donation will allow us to plan for our monthly and annual expenses.

So where is the win-win?

MFD wins by having a steady flow of donations that support our budget. Fundraising slows down for us in the summer... as people aren't thinking about mittens when it's in the 90s! Subscription donors help us to spread donations throughout the year.

YOU win by being able to give at a level that is comfortable for you, spreading out your annual donation throughout the year. For instance - if you donate $20 a month, your annual gift will be $240! Imagine that! And a $240 donation can purchase about 35 pairs of warm gloves for 'tweens, teens and adults - warm pairs that would retail for $20 each.

The kids and adults in Detroit win. Think about that. Because of your donation, we can leverage your donation to go much farther through our wholesale partner, Broner Hat & Glove - who sells them to us at less than wholesale.

Oh.... another way you win! As a Handwarming Hero, you'll receive discounts on our merch, special perks throughout the year, and discounts to our events. You'll even get you very own personalized Handwarming Hero ceramic mug! So it's actually a win... win... win....WIN!

Thank you for support. You are awesome!

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